Bearing lubrication and temperature tests

The three most common systems of  bearing lubrication in horizontal pumps are:

  • oil ring lubrication
  • purge mist
  • pure mist

Two frequently-asked questions about these systems are:

  • Which system is most effective in keeping the bearing temperature low?

  • Is the temperature differential between the lubricating systems sufficient
    enough to justify the cost differential between the systems?

To find the answers to these questions a 4x6x15 single stage overhang pump
with ball radial and 7313 thrust bearings was subjected to a series of tests using
the different lubrication systems - oil ring, purge mist, and pure mist.

For each system the temperatures of the oil, the radial bearing housing, and the
thrust  bearing housing were taken at regular intervals in a four-hour period until a
steady state was reached . The pump ran at constant 2-pole electric motor of
3560 RPM. The temperatures at the three locations were plotted against time
using the oil ring, purge mist, and pure mist systems.

So which lubricating system resulted in the lowest oil and housing temperatures,
and what are the temperature differential between the systems?

Find out from the plots of the test results that are available only upon request.

R: 0910-BELU
C: design, operation
F: bearing lubrication temperature tests

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