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Some select information are excluded in the articles in our website for the
following reasons:

  • To protect our intellectual materials from web "scrapers" or article
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To get copies of articles containing the excluded information please email us your
request. The request should include your name, occupation, and contact
information. Please include the title and the "R" number shown at the bottom of
the article.


Some photos, charts, curves, sketches, etc., are published cropped and in low
resolution format to discourage their unauthorized republication or reprinting. You
may request to obtain copies of the uncut and higher resolution photos, charts,
curves, sketches, etc., by sending us an email.

To protect your privacy we do not keep personal information and do not disclose
such personal information to any third party. If you do not want to give us your
personal information, you can friend us on Facebook and you may send your
request on our Facebook page.

By requesting for copies of  articles, photos, charts, curves, sketches, etc., you
affirm your full and unconditional agreement to our Terms of Use and Legal
Disclaimer. The decision to provide, or to withhold, the  requested items is solely
at our discretion. The requested items shall be for personal use only, and are not

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