Replacing case gasket

Guidelines for replacing the case gasket of axial-split pumps:

  • Check that the replacement gasket has correct thickness, pressure-
    temperature rating, and is asbestos-free.

  • Clean the case split surface (or parting flange) thoroughly with solvent,
    preferably a petroleum distillate-type.

  • On the top half-case, cover its entire split surface area with the gasket; the
    rough side facing outside.

  • Using a ball peen hammer, carefully cut out the gasket around the bolt
    holes area.

  • Spray coat thinly the rough side of the gasket with an adhesive such as 3M
    No. 77, or  equivalent.

  • Position the gasket on the bottom half casing by carefully locating the cut
    outs with the bolt holes. Lightly sprinkle the gasket with dry powdered

  • Install the top half case on its bottom case. Tighten some nuts and bolts
    and let stand for about 10 minutes.

  • Remove the top half case.

  • Finish cutting away the gasket around the volute, waterway, and edges
    using a sharp knife. Be careful not to bevel the edges, and take precaution
    to prevent gasket debris from falling into the case passageways, while

  • Clean the entire gasket surface area before installing the upper half case.

R: 0110-RECA
C: maintenance, servicing
F: gasket replacing

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