Glossary G

Galling - a condition whereby two dissimilar metals in close contact to each other
(such as an impeller wear ring and case wear ring) seize and cause the materials
to bond together.

Galvanic corrosion - the accelerated corrosion of the anodic metal when two
different metals are connected by an electrolyte solution. Example, a 304
stainless steel wear ring will fail from galvanic corrosion in a 316 stainless steel
impeller in the presence of acidic solution.

Garter spring - a long  coil spring with its two ends connected often used to force
a radial lip seal against a shaft.

Gasket - a rubber, elastomer, or metal ring, wrapped around a joint, or placed
between two mating surface to make the joint or surface watertight and free from

Gauge pressure - the pressure measured by a calibrated dial gauge (or an
equivalent digital read-out) indicating a pressure measurement above  
atmospheric pressure, usually expressed in pounds per square inch (PSIG). If the
atmospheric pressure is added to the gauge pressure, the sum is referred to as
absolute pressure, and expressed in pounds per square inch absolute (PSIA).

Gland follower - an axially movable part of stuffing box  that is forced against the
packing rings by manual adjustment to increase the radial sealing force.

Gland plate (or gland) - an end plate that connects the stationary assembly of
mechanical seal to the seal chamber or stuffing box.

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