Glossary H

Head -

Horizontal pump - pump with its shaft in horizontal position. See axially-split .

Hot oil pump - pump handling oil in 300-850 degrees Fahrenheit typical range.

Hot work - work that involves cutting, grinding, welding, and similar activity that
produces arc, spark, or open flame. Hot work requires a permit and shall be done
by trained and authorized personnel only.

Hydraulic drawings - engineering drawings containing the design and
dimensions of pump components such as the suction bay, suction bell, impeller,
volute, and crossovers, etc., that form the internal liquid passageway of a pump.
They are different from machining drawings.

Hydraulic power recovery turbine (HPRT) - a turbo-machinery designed to
recover energy from a liquid stream by breaking down its high pressure to a lower
pressure level, such as a reverse-rotating centrifugal pump specifically designed
to operate as a hydraulic power recovery turbine.

Hydraulic re-rate - Hydraulic re-rate refers to changing the rated operating
conditions of a pump by modifying its hydraulic parts, or components, to effect the
change. The rated conditions can be the machine’s operating capacity, differential
head, and speed; the liquid's specific gravity, viscosity, temperature, suction
pressure, and vapor pressure; or the site's net positive suction head available





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Hydrodynamic bearings - bearings using the principles of hydrodynamic
lubrication, such as sleeve bearings and tilting-pad bearings. Anti-friction (ball)
bearings are not considered hydrodynamic type.

Hydrogen sulfide  (H2S) - a highly toxic gas present in hydrocarbons. H2S can
cause serious injury, or death, even at very low concentration. Pumps handling
liquid with H2S requires special construction.

Hydro-pneumatic tank -

Hydrostatic test - also referred to as hydrotest.

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