Glossary M

Magnetic pickup - is a transducer used in vibration monitoring by sensing the
discontinuity in ferromagnetic material. The mechanical motion caused by the
discontinuity is converted into electrical signal in the form of an AC voltage.

Material traceability

Mechanical seal

Minimum continuous stable flow (MCSF)  - refers to the lowest flow rate (GPM) at
which a pump can operate continuously without exceeding the vibration and/or
noise limits specified by a user, or by a customer.

Mixed flow pump - pump in which the head is developed partly by centrifugal force
and partly by the lift of the vanes on the liquid; the liquid enters the impeller axially
at the hub and is discharged in both axial and radial direction.

Modelling laws - same as Affinity Laws.

Moment of inertia - the sum of the products of the mass and the square of the
perpendicular distance to the axis of rotation of each particle in a body rotating
about its axis.

Momentum thrust - the thrust acting on a rotor caused by the change of
momentum of a liquid when the flow changes direction. It is typically determined
at the impeller inlet and is considered in calculating the axial thrust of a pump.

Multistage pump - pump designed with more than two impellers. Pump with two
impellers is also a multi-stage pump but is usually referred to as two-stage pump.

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