Glossary Q

Q - A common symbol for flow rate (quantity) as  may be expressed in gallons per
minute, liters per second, cubic meters per hour, barrels per day, etc.

In seal piping drawing the letter Q typically stands for quench piping.

Quadrant - A quarter of a circle, or an arch consisting of ninety (90) degrees. See
four quadrant in pumps running in reverse rotation.

Quadratic - A polynomial equation of the second degree; an equation involving the
square power of the unknown quantity.

Quality control - A system for verifying and maintaining a desired level of quality in
a product or process based on an approved set of standards or procedures. Many
pump users want to pre-approve , or pre-qualify, a vendor's quality control

Quench  - A neutral fluid, such as water or steam, that is in injected on the
atmospheric side of the seal to prevent the  formation of solids (solidification) that
may interfere with seal movement, and  to dilute  the fluid that may have leaked by
the seal face.

R: 0811-GLOQ
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