Hydro-pneumatic tank

A hydro-pneumatic tank is a pressurized tank partly containing water, and partly
containing air. Pressurization occurs when water is pumped inside the tank using
a booster pump, such as a small jet pump. As the tank is filled with water, air
entrained at the top of the tank is compressed sustaining the pressure in the tank
when the booster pump stops running.

In areas where municipal, city, or domestic water systems do not have sufficient,
or consistent, pressure to provide adequate water supply to a house, apartment
complex, or small commercial building, elevated   water tanks are popularly used.
The tank is filled with water during times of high system pressure or, if the system
pressure is mostly inadequate, by using a booster pump.

However, there are many instances where space, structural concern, or zoning
requirement, make the use of elevated open tank impractical. In such instances
the use of a hydro-pneumatic tank provides a viable alternative.

Section: design, operation
File: hydro-pneumatic tanks

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