Certified Material Test Report (CMTR)
Positive Material Identification (PMI)

Certified Material Test Report (CMTR) is a common customer requirement to
ensure that the component materials specified for the pump are correctly used. It
is a method of identifying a pump component to its actual chemical analysis by
assigning a heat number to that component. The heat number is stamped or
marked on the component to provide traceability to its chemical analysis.

Material traceability is usually done on major components only such as casings,
covers, nozzle heads, shafts, and impellers to save cost. It may also be done, but
very rarely, on wear parts such as wear rings and shaft sleeves, if required by the

The records of actual chemical analysis are maintained by the vendor and are
available for customer review. If required a copy of chemical analysis, or CMTR, is
provided to the customer.

In some instances, the customer may also require physical analysis to be done
on a component. This should be specified ahead of time, and is done at extra cost.

Some customers do on-site positive material identification (PMI) using portable X-
ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometer, energy-dispersive (ED) analyzer, or similar
device, to verify a CMTR heat analysis. However these portable devices do not
provide the same level of sophistication and accuracy that can be performed by
the foundry’s advance spectrographic instruments. Expectedly, there will be some
variations in the results between a customer’s PMI and a foundry’s CMTR.

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File: material CMTR

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