What our readers say

More power to you. I enjoyed browsing your site this evening. I wish you continued
success with your mission to promote  better understanding of pumps. -
G. Hole

I'm pleased someone decided to put up a discussion group/website to exchange
pump concepts generously. I supervise my company's refinery pump repair
workshop where we see too many repair jobs from a population of 2800 pumps. -
B. Thomas

Now we have a independent source of information about pumps other than our
vendors. -
E. Ylagan

I don't know who, or what organization, is responsible for this site but this is one of
the best things I've run across in this business for a long time. -
M. Williams

My company like  your web site and would like to establish a link exchange -
Name withheld on request

Thank you for your answers to questions from pump users like me. I find your
explanations very informative. -
S. Gabay

We [a fortune 500 company]  maintain a library of reference sites as part of our
intranet. Your site was recommended by an employee as potential link addition.
Our practice is to solicit approval from the site owner, and to become aware of any
terms and conditions -  
B. Kelly

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