Wrong pump rotation

With all the precautions and checking done before a pump is started-up, one
would think that a user, specially an industrial plant, would not inadvertently run a
pump with the wrong rotation. But it does happen more often than one would
imagine - often enough that some pump manufacturers run various pump tests
with wrong rotation to find out how the pump performance is affected. The results
of such experimentation are used as benchmarks in field trouble-shooting.

Some variations of the wrong rotation tests include:

  • impeller was mounted in correct rotation, pump ran in wrong rotation

  • impeller was mounted in wrong rotation, pump ran in right rotation

  • impeller was mounted in wrong rotation, pump ran in wrong rotation

The tests included both single suction and double suction impellers. (The results
of the experimentation are available on request.) [ * ]

Here is an example of a field problem report of pump performance variation on a
6x8x13 single stage pump, operating at 1780 RPM. After the reported performance
variation the pump vendor suspected that the pump was likely running with the
wrong rotation, and it was found to be true after the user did some checking.

    "Here are the field data obtained during the test run of pump P-1008A.
    there are drastic difference between the vendor's test curve and the field
    data. In addition to the performance difference, the pump also has serious
    cavitation noise, and excessive drawing of amperes that resulting in the
    motor tripping after 15 minutes of operation....." [ * ]

[ * ] Some information are excluded in this article. Read more.

R: 0210-WRPU
C: operation, trouble-shooting
F: rotation wrong

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