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Centrifugal pumps are among the most widely used pumping equipment world-
wide. Expectedly there is enormous information on centrifugal pumps but access
to reliable information is not easy. Numerous articles are written on the subject
but many are on theories and mathematics that are difficult to understand. Pump
trainings and seminars are also conducted with regularity but they are expensive
or geographically inconvenient for many people to attend.

The popular use of centrifugal pumps has created the expectation that those who
work with pump are familiar with their fundamentals. This expectation can be
intimidating to those who are not. A young engineer attending a pump symposium
might be reluctant to ask for clarification from the lecturer if he was embarrassed
that others might think his was a dumb question. Similarly an employee might be
intimated from asking help from his peer out of concern that he might look bad for
not knowing better.

Indeed it is not unusual for someone to be well-informed in one pump aspect but
not in others. A design engineer may be good in hydraulics but may have difficulty
designing for manufacturability. A shop technician may excel in assembly but may
have little knowledge in maintenance. An operator may be good at running the
equipment but know nothing about equipment upgrade.

To address these issues we created this web site to provide for the free and open
exchange of ideas on matters relating to industrial centrifugal pumps in a manner
that is consistent with someone's level of interest and competence. By using the
web we hope to break down the economic, geographical, and intellectual barriers
that may have prevented someone from accessing the wealth of knowledge that
abound on centrifugal pumps.

By hosting this web site it is not our intent to offer technical advice. Such advice
should come from experienced and competent professionals, and should be
made only after a thorough study of all the data is completed. Our intent is to
provide a preliminary point of discussion from which further study should be

Because there are already numerous books and publications that deal with the
mathematics of pump-related issues we shall avoid that area and focus more on
the practical and rule-of-thumb approach. We may present simple equations for
making general estimates but these are not intended for doing calculations that
require a high degree of accuracy.

In their pursuit of work some people play it safe by using traditional approach
because of corporate culture or liability concerns. Others are quick to innovate
because of strong competitive issues. Our goal is to provide a focal point where
tradition and innovation converge so that one group will learn from the ideas and
experience of the others.

Please join us in this mission by sharing your ideas, experience, comments, or
questions, with others in the pump community. Our collective success depends
on your active participation.

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