Procedures for long-term storage

Q   -   One of our process pumps will be taken out of service and put away for long-
term storage. Any suggestions on proper storage?

A  -  Here are some general suggestions for long term storage. The applicability
of all, or some, of these suggestions depends on several factors such as type of
equipment, length of storage, and condition of the environment:

  • Drain the casing completely and dry it throughly, including its bearing
    housing and stuffing box, or seal chamber. Apply a coat of soluble rust
    preventive solution both internally and externally.

  • Cover all openings. Flanged openings (such as suction and discharge
    nozzles) should be covered with blind flanges with elastomer gasket.
    Threaded openings should be covered with steel plugs or caps.

  • Remove the shaft coupling; it may cause the shaft to develop a permanent
    sag during prolonged storage.

  • Wrapped the exposed shaft and key with corrosion inhibitor waterproof
    paper or waxed cloth.

  • Protect the bearing housing from moisture by placing bags of vapor phase
    inhibitor crystals around the housing.

  • Cover the equipment with industrial strength plastic, preferably transparent
    to allow its visual inspection, including its nameplate, without uncovering
    the unit.

  • Store the unit in its normal position in a dry place.

  • Inspect the unit periodically and turn the shaft a few times plus 1/4 turn.
    Turning the shaft prevents pitting of finished surfaces. The extra 1/4 turn is
    to displace the sag and prevent the shaft from developing a permanent

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