Hydrostatic test (hydrotest)

Hydrostatic test is done on a pump [ * ] to probe the integrity of its casting [ * ] and
to verify that it can withstand its maximum allowable working pressure (MAWP).
Testing is typically done at 1.5 times the MAWP, unless a different value is agreed
upon with customer.

Hydrostatic testing is normally done with the pump fully assembled including its
mechanical seal.

Segmental hydrotesting may be done if prior approval is obtained from customer.
Segmental hydrotesting means that some components of a pump are tested at a
pressure lower than its MAWP to prevent the expensive over-designing of a
component, such as an outer barrel which will be subjected to suction pressure
only, and not to the discharge pressure of the pump.

If the pump will operate at some critical conditions such as low specific gravity, or
high operating temperature, hydrotesting using lighter gravity liquid, such as
kerosene, may be preferred in lieu of water.

The test must be conducted in a secured and safe environment. Access to the test
area shall be restricted to authorized persons only. Typical test duration is one
hour per [ **  ] case thickness, unless other duration is specified.

If the pump failed it hydrotest the necessary corrective actions should be done
based on  approved procedures or methodology.

If the pump passed the hydrotest some form of identification via tag, or stamp,
shall be made and attached to the unit to indicate that it passed the test. A test
certificate shall be issued, if required by customer.

[ * ] For simplicity, the term "
pump", as used herein, shall mean the complete
pump assembly, or the pressure-containment component of a pump such as
casing, cover, stuffing box, barrel, etc. The term "
casting" shall mean a casting, a
forging, a fabrication, or a combination of these.

[ ** ] Some information are excluded in this article.
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R: 1109-HYTE
C: testing
F: test hydrostatic

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